Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Making Pizza

Today was my turn to teach preschool. Thought it would be more crazy with 8 kids but it actually went really well. Making pizza was a hit so I thought I would share. The kids are learning shapes and this activity is great for shapes and colors. I first cut out triangles from paper grocery bags and fold over the end to make a crust. I cut out red circles for pepperoni, large orange triangles for cheese, small yellow rectangles for pineapple, pink squares for ham, small green triangles for bell peppers (the kids changed them to pickles though) and black circles with a hole punched through the center for olives. I started with cheese and from there used one shape at a time. They glued on one topping at a time so they could get familiar with the shape. They had a great time learning their shapes as well as pretending to be little chefs!
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