Sunday, January 2, 2011

Teacher's Christmas Present

So I have been a little behind on blogging but ready to go for 2011. This is something I have been meaning to post but the holidays consumed me and I have had little to no time for blogging. I did get this idea from A bushel and a peck and loved it. I am all about homemade gifts and it all cost under $5. I did have the teacher's name in vinyl on the apple, just did not get a picture of it. The cirlce wreath part is a wooden embroidery hoops. I used a 10" for the outer ring and an 8" for the inner. Each embroidery hoop comes with 2 so really you could make 2 if you have 2 kids in school. I just glue gunned the crayons to each of the hoops. I also glue gunned the apple to the crayons and the ribbon to the back of the hoops. The wooden apple was from Joanns wood craft section for .50 cents. I also bought a 64 ct Crayola crayon box from Joanns and used a 40% off coupon so they were under $3. Hopefully her teacher liked it!
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  1. Miss your postings. Hope all is well. My kiddos have had plenty of winter colds to last me a year.