Friday, February 19, 2010

Our Little Gallery

I love my girl's art and school
papers but am not a huge fan of a cluttery refrigerator. So I found a cute way to display my little aspiring artist work. In their toy room I decided to designate a wall just for them so they can showcase their masterpieces. First we discovered magnetic paint at Home Depot. So they have a magnetic board on the wall. The magnetic paint dries to a dark gray/black color but then you can put one coat of another color if you do not like the the gray. Then for a border I glued ribbon with tacky glue or you could use elmers glue.

We were having trouble with the magnets holding the paper so I thought close pins w
ould be able to hold the paper better since the magnet would be directly on the wall and not through the paper. It worked so much better. I painted the clothes pins with acrylic paint and then hot glue gunned a magnet that I purchased at Michael's.
I think gluing fabric on the clothes pins would be really cute as well.

My favorite out of this whole project
was transforming skirt hangers
into hanging art displays. I bought the skirt hangers at Target, I got a 4 pack for $5. To piant them you have to sand them down a little or the paint will not stick as well. Then I painted them with acrylic paint and voila! I also want to stencil their names on the wood but another day :)

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