Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Learning Center

This is our "Learning Center". I got this great idea from a friend who had a learning board for her daughter. Each week she would change out what was going to be taught. So I am trying to do the same thing for Hanna. The wall space in our toy room is a little limited so I had to put it behind the door. I just bought a poster board and hot glue gunned sheet protectors that I cut in half. Then I type something up each week, mostly things she needs to work on. She is working on spelling,rhyming, numbers, Hanna can count to 100 but writing them and identifying the numbers is harder for her. She is also learning different shapes and her months.

The day of the week I got at the Dollar Store. I just velcroed those on since it will be changed every day.

Then on the bottom I found teaching poster boards at the Dollar Store. She has the alphabet, learning time, periodic table, solar system and maps. I laminated them, hole punched the top and nailed two nails in the door so she can take them on and off. I am trying to sit with her at least 1/2 each day and go over the "Learning Center". It is a great way to spend one on one time with her and she is also learning.


  1. So cute! I need to get my weather and other ones laminated. Did you go to Staples?

  2. No I just did them. We bought a role of laminating paper. We went to Office Depot and they said it would be $10 for each poster!! We bought one roll for $9 and got about 6 laminated.