Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Party Continued..........

I had the party on Friday, before Halloween so I thought it would be fun to go trick or treating a before anyone else does. I asked my neighbor's in my cul-de-sac if it was okay and provided extra candy for them. It was fun taking such a big group. After trick or treating we played pin the spider on the web. Here is a link for the game. I had the web enlarged to 12x18 and kept the spiders the same size.
This had to be my favorite part of the night. I ran out of games and the kids were going a little crazy from all the candy and junk so one of the mom's came up with a great game. This is called Graveyard and who ever could be dead the longest wins. Genius! Some of these kids were stones it was hilarious!
Here is Hanna trying her hardest to be......dead :) Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!
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  1. Breanna had a lot of fun. Her favorite thing was "trying to hit the monsters."