Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Party!!!

My oldest daughter Hanna loves to party! Anytime there is a holiday or birthday's she is excited and counting down the days. She is already counting down to Thanksgiving she says "We are going to Grandma's to have a feast!" Love it. So since I decided to throw a Halloween party for all of my daughter's friends. 24 kids to be exact came! Below are some pictures.

Here is the treat table. Everything was orange and black. I fed them so much junk, I kinda felt bad but I figure Halloween only comes once a year :) Almost had one casualty, one little girl thought she was going to throw up but she was fine. So we had Cheetos, Doritos,black licorice,Halloween Oreos, chocolate doughnuts, candy corn, cookies and Reeces Pieces.

I had to show off my awesome costume that I borrowed from a friend. Here are the kids making their treat bags. I bought a bunch of Halloween stickers and Halloween sticky foam pieces.
Here are my beloved cupcakes that didn't turn out as cute as I hoped but I was on a time crunch. For the spider cupcakes there are chocolate sprinkles on top and Reeses Pieces eyes and for the legs they are black licorice that I had to cut in halves because I could not find black licorice ropes, otherwise use ropes it will save a lot of time. The skull cupcakes were made with two mini marshmallows tucked in the cupcake wrapper and then frost over them. Top with chocolate chip and mini chocolate chips.
This was pumpkin,pumpkin,jack-o-lantern (instead of duck,duck,goose). We also played hot pumpkin (like hot potato) with a little pumpkin.
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  1. How cute!! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. You are so creative! I love your snow white costume...lookin' good ;)