Thursday, November 4, 2010

Frakenstein's Coffin Cake

I LOVE Halloween!! Here is the Frankenstein's coffin cake I made for my daughter's fall carnival. (I know it is a little late but keep it in mind for next year)

1 thawed Sara Lee pound cake
1 tub of vanilla or white frosting
red and blue food coloring
About 11 oreos
1 large marshmallow
9 small marshmallows
Black cookie gel
Green sugar sprinkles
Gummy worms

1.Make frosting by adding red and blue food coloring to your frosting. This was trial and error for me. I just kept adding and mixing until i git the right color for the coffin. I was going for a grayish color.
2.Cut the cake in the middle for the coffin.
3. Place cake on serving dish and frost the bottom piece of the coffin. Frost the back side where the top part of the coffin will go, it acts like glue a little bit.
4. Mash 10 of the Oreos in a shallow casserole dish big enough to dip the top part of the coffin into.
5.Frost the top piece of the coffin. This part gets a little messy. Then dip it in the oreosall the way around. except the inside of the coffin.
6. Place next to bottom piece of coffin so it is propped open.
7.For the Frankenstein place an Oreo first near the middle. Dip your marshmallows in water and then rub into green sugar crystals. Arrange to make Frankenstein like picture.
8. I made a happy face with black cookie gel but I think next time I might make him look more scary.
9. Place leftover Oreos around coffin to act like dirt. Then throw in some gummy worms coming out of the dirt.

My kids loved it!
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